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CMI entered the Note industry in June 1991 with offices located in central California. The principle of the company, Louis Condé began purchasing Performing and Nonperforming Notes in 2003. He quickly realized the distinct advantages of these investments and expanded his target market by targeting them on a grander scale. Through his company, he now purchases Notes in all 50 states.

CMI's secret to their success has more to do with the processes and protocols they have developed to maximize profits on these types of investments. They enforce a strict due diligence procedure prior to purchasing a Nonperforming Note (NPN) in order to make certain they fully understand any risk associated with a specific Note or with the real estate that acts as the collateral to said Note. They verify information that is critical to the resale of the subject property, such as: neighborhood crime rates, average listing price of homes in the area, population growth, size of the city where the house is located, economic outlook for the area, etc.

They outsource all servicing and collection services of these notes to national note servicing companies. This helps to make certain that CMI will always be fully compliant with all of the state and federal collection laws that regulate these type of investments.
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CMI has created a great portfolio of successful note purchases that resulted in incredible high yields an returns. The majority of their portfolio, roughly 80% to 85%, targets NPN's that are in a senior position. The remaining 15% to 20% targets NPN's that are in a junior position.

On a national scale, they are well positioned to take advantage of the large inventory of nonperforming notes currently available in the United States. They work with several hedge fund companies and private equity firms to purchase the majority of the Nonperforming Notes they target.

If you have any interest in diversifying your investment portfolio and would like to receive some information on how you can purchase Nonperforming Notes, please feel free to give them a call. They can be reached at (888) 487-4445.

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